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A flat tire, empty gas tank, engine breakdown, flat battery, or any other kind of car malfunction, all require assistance. There are many threats to your safety on the road that can ruin your family vacation or business trip right after you exit Riverdale, GA. That’s why we offer jumpstarts and a towing service to suit any budget. And because Interstate Towing Service wants every driver to be safe and sound on the road, we strive to deliver outstanding roadside service in the region of Riverdale, GA.



Interstate Towing Service has been in the cash for junk cars and towing business for the last fifteen years. We have designed our service to fit the common needs of our clients – fast, reliable, emergency auto towing assistance delivered on time and at affordable rates and prices. One of our greatest advantages is that we manage to provide outstanding service, that can fit within your budget, any time you need it. Your safety and the safety of your family is our main concern. Our team consists of highly experienced and skilled automobile specialists, who know how to handle any situation, caring for your safety and the well-being of your vehicle.

If you ever need to have your car towed or require a jumpstart, then Interstate Towing Service is the right company for your towing needs within a 50-mile radius of Riverdale, GA. Our rich experience and quality services are highly appreciated by our customers. We buy junk cars and provide all kinds of tow services, starting from light-duty towing and reaching more serious and major projects. You never know when you are going to need our services, so have our number available!

There are so many services and needs undertaken by tow companies. Some of our clients simply need a tow, while others require more complex procedures. Regardless of what you need, Interstate Towing Service is absolutely confident that our specialists can secure your loyalty with the highest possible standard of service. No matter what car you drive or where you are located in Riverdale, GA, all it takes is one phone call to our office and we will take over from there.

To provide a wide range of auto towing services to our clients, we strive to enrich our portfolio by expanding the services offered. We want to satisfy the needs of the people who choose to benefit from our service, and that is the reason we never compromise when it comes to the specialists we employ. You can be sure that we are experts in buying junk cars and towing vehicles and will meet your high expectations.

No matter what your emergency is, our dispatchers are ready to assist you and send help. Call us at (404) 886-7684 and you can be sure you will receive quality service, promptly and at an affordable price.

Client’s Testimonial

by Jennifer Pollard on Interstate Towing Service

I was not prepared to spend money on a wrecker service but no one usually is in these kinds of situations. I must say that this company has some affordable prices compared to the rest that I have used in the past. They also are very reliable which I loved about them!!

Martin Robertson
Martin Robertson
Thanks very much for the professionalism!!

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Phone: (404) 886-7684

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